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Design by Cloud 9

Design by Cloud 9 has established a reputation in South Carolina for delivering high-impact projects; often producing innovative decor designs with limited resources to accommodate the client's budget.

Design by Cloud 9 has a passionate belief that great design can enhance lives in multiple ways. They work with a diverse range of clients, including private and commercial entities. Browse their complete design website to get a feeling for their design process.


The Diva Behind The Design

Blinding Diamonds

Andya B. Davis 
Design by Cloud 9 Founder

For over 30 years Andya B. Davis has expressed a strong passion for style design that enhances the presence of decor and personal style with sparkling beauty.  A styling passion that grew into a hobby, and later into a designing business to further enhance the beauty of decor or personal style for many others.  The sparkling design flare Andya produces enlightens the vibe of the room, enhances the space potential with elegance and organized functionality, and introduces creative skill to transform basic items into beautiful inspiring conversation decor.  Andya's style with Design by Cloud 9 exudes creative luxury on an affordable budget to completely transform and uplift the appearance of the space with blingful beauty.


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